The Botanical Elegance of Diptyque’s Rosafolia Collection

15 Jan 2015

  • Diptyque majestically celebrates the end of winter with an inspired duo - the radiant freshness of rose and ivy - in a new collection of three limited edition products that create Diptyque’s Rosafolia collection.

    Rose and ivy both hold their place in history as symbols of beauty and strength, and now they are married in the singular accord and enduring beauty of Diptyque’s Rosafolia collection. The collection presents three limited edition products, Eau Plurielle, Rosafolia scented candle, and Rosafolia scented oval. Rosafolia is distinguished by a modern graphic design, evolving Diptyque’s distinct aesthetic elegance with a nod to street art and graffiti, and marking the new release a must have for Diptyque enthusiasts.

    Eau Plurielle

    Eau Plurielle joins the Diptyque perfume house permanently, bringing a seductive complexity to the portfolio. A multiplicity of uses ensures the hero of the Rosafolia range is celebrated across the household; leaving its simplicity and strength to linger on fabric and in the air. Musk and wood will entice on the skin as the cold weather breaks and the warmth of spring is celebrated. Eau Plurielle is an elegant fragrance that is sure to become a poignant favourite in a variety of ways, much like a Vinaigre de Toilette.

    Rosafolia Scented Candle

    This scented candle delivers a delicate, intoxicating atmosphere of exquisite fascination to any space. Transform your home or office into a secret garden at the flick of a flame, with notes of Turkish rose, graceful galbanum, and a hint of geranium infusing the air. This Rosafolia scented candle makes the perfect gift, captivating and sweet, packaged with a modern twist on Diptyque’s traditional presentation.

    Rosafolia Scented Oval

    Hang this scented wax oval in a wardrobe, or place it in a draw to infuse belongings with the enchanting scent of Rosafolia’s French garden for months at a time. The Rosafolia scented oval is attached to a printed cotton loop - a glimpse of the modern graphic design created especially for this limited edition collection.