30 Oct 2014

  • Covent Garden is a shopping staple for London’s style set. The award-winning Windle & Moodie salon has been styling celebrities and directing hair fashion trends from the heart of Covent Garden for over 25 years. Now, they have translated their editorial and fashion heritage into a range of expert hair care and styling products boasting exceptional quality and professional potency.

    Deluxe Basics: Shampoos & Conditioners

    Practically any hair care challenge can be solved through these six high-quality and rich products. The extensive range, encompassing a Nourishing Treatment Shampoo, Fortifying Treatment Shampoo, Everyday Shampoo, Healthy Head (and Hair) Treatment Shampoo, Nourishing Conditioner, and Fortifying Conditioner, calls on nature’s powerful ingredients, including rooibos tea, argan oil, green coffee, cocoa butter, and natural proteins.

    Indulgent Treatments

    Step beyond traditional treatments into a world of luxurious, deep-acting hair masks that bring new life to dull and damaged hair. Windle & Moodie’s luscious treatments offer highly intuitive infusions and topical treatments for all hair types and beauty concerns. The decadent collection features three potent treatments, including Essential Oils Elixir, Intense Treatment Masque, and Invisible Day & Night Cream.

    Must-have Styling & Finishing Aids

    Beautiful style begins with the moment you step out of the shower. The Windle & Moodie hair care range has a styling and finishing product for every hair type. Master new looks with the Foundation Spray, Oceanic Spray, Fortifying Spray, Shine & Smoothing Oil, Cream Sheen, Curl Enhancer, Texture Cream, Thickening Cream, Matte Paste, Volcanic Ash Wax, Light Satin Hairspray, Matte Texture Spray, or Sculpture Hairspray – all designed to take your hair over the finish line into stylish smoothness.