Smooth skin made simple

14 Jun 2013

With swimsuit season officially upon us, the final step in becoming beach body ready is smooth, sexy skin. But while stripping away skin stubble once required back-to-back beautician visits or mēssy DIY kits, mē has developed a premium at-homē solution that’s painless, easy and impressively effective. The mē system is the only FDA-cleared and clinically proven hair removal treatmēnt found to achieve results on all skin types and tones.
The mē solution is powered by revolutionary elōs technology that combines Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency energies to selectively target hair follicles located underneath the skin’s surface. This deep heat process then inhibits regrowth, leaving skin hair-free and silky smooth.

A quick fix with long-lasting results
With little space for elaborate beauty regimēs in our calendars these days, one of the reasons the mē solution is considered such a revolution in hair removal is its efficiency. Each treatmēnt lasts just ten short minutes and results are visible in as little as a few weeks. In fact, clinical results show an astonishing 46% reduction in hair after just two weekly treatmēnts. But even more impressive are its long-term results, with an up to 96% reduction in hair three months after a final round of seven treatmēnts.

is the new word in painless hair removal
The mē system boasts all the results of professional hair removal without any of the pain, so you’ll wave farewell to teeth-clenching nicks, cuts, burning and irritation for good. In fact, clinical trials show 90% of participants reported no pain after just three treatmēnts. And mē is not only sophisticated but safe, with clinical trials reporting no scarring, infection, ulcers or skin pigmēntation changes across all skin types.

Intuitive and easy-to-use
Sleek and compact, the mē is the most intuitive hair removal product on the market. Its easy-to-hold applicator effortlessly glides over skin, gently emitting pulses, just sit back and let the elōs energy go to work.

Simply clean and dry your skin, turn on the mē system and set the desired energy level to low, mēdium or high. Then, press the elōs activation button, place the applicator on the desired area and rotate over the skin in a continuous motion. The result is professional hair removal that can be achieved in just ten minute treatmēnts in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Smooth, summēr skin has never been so simple!