05 Mar 2013

Powerful beauty
Inspired by their father’s world-renowned work in a hospital burns unit, American sisters Liz and Rachel Edlich set out to create a new product line that dramatically changed the appearance of skin. Radical Skincare is all about powerful skincare that goes beyond the packaging to deliver truly radical results backed by science.

That’s where Radical Skincare is leading the way with their revolutionary Trylacel technology – a breakthrough formula that keeps antioxidants active and effective once they reach the skin, applicable to even the most sensitive skin.

Peptide Infused Antioxidant Serum
Reverse the ageing process by boosting skin elasticity and hydration, this award-winning multi-tasking serum designed to stop free radicals in their tracks, has been found to be 300% more potent in antioxidant protection than other leading brands.

Restorative Moisture Cream
Filled with cutting-edge active ingredients, this cream is the ultimate all-in-one solution to firm, smooth, and glowing skin. Use together with the antioxidant serum for a two-step skincare strategy, the Power Duo.

Hydrating Cleanser
This three-in-one active cleanser is on a quest for perfectly balanced, supple skin. Remove makeup as well as cleanse, tone, and hydrate, leaves skin fresh and clean without dryness or irritation.

Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads
Dramatically slowing the ageing process, reduce pores and fine lines while leaving skin firm and smooth. This unique-formulated pads regenerate dull and tired skin, giving it greater elasticity.

Eye Revive Crème
Transform your eye zone with this powerful hydrating multi-active cream: In just four weeks, it can reduce dark circles, discoloration, puffiness, and wrinkles by up to 50%, give you a revived and refreshed look.

Firming Neck and Décolleté Gel
Instantly tighten skin around the neck and décolleté, this gel is formulated with Vitamin C and Aqua Cacteen, brightens skin tone, improve elasticity, and giving skin a firm and youthful edge.