Show Your Beauty!

28 Nov 2014

  • A model, socialite, TV presenter, mother and philanthropist, Tamara Ecclestone is the classic example of “the have-it-all modern woman”. It’s hard to imagine how she found the time to become an entrepreneur and embark on a world tour to launch SHOW Beauty, a never before seen hair care brand, with her 8-month old daughter, Sophia. Joyce Beauty is excited and proud to be the brand’s exclusive stockist in Asia, and as such hosted the launch event in Hong Kong during mid-November. We caught up with Ecclestone during her whirlwind visit, to learn more about her fabulously decadent world.

    Mrs Tamara Ecclestone, founder of SHOW Beauty

    “Since I had my daughter there is no normal day, never! Every day is different. We are travelling together now to launch SHOW Beauty and it's fun being away with her. If I have to sum up my life right now in three words: Tired, Happy, Ambitious.” The busy working mum spoke with much enthusiasm just after jetting in from London where she is based.

    Ecclestone possesses all the bombshell qualities: olive skin, voluptuous body and well-defined features. Her long, dark and luscious hair is never too coiffed, but instead, always cascading down to create the scrumptious backdrop for her breathtaking beauty, exuding a sensual and glamorous aura. She is the perfect spokesperson and model of her own opulent, yet efficacious hair styling collection.

    “I don't wear fragrance myself so I wanted to create a fragrance that you could spritz into your hair before you go out for dinner or from work out for drinks with the girls. My mum was a model and I used to watch her getting ready - that combined with my love of beauty products and noticing a gap in the market I knew I had to give it a go.”

    Ecclestone’s mother is a former Armani model Slavica, while her father is Formula One legend Bernie Ecclestone. Talk about a glamorous background, surely they know a thing or two about how to “get ready”. But according to Tamara, behind the glamorous façade, the Ecclestone household instates a very strict upbringing, which led her to discover her passion and develop a drive to succeed in many different fields.

    “My parents always instilled in me and my sister the importance of education and working hard. We would get pocket money like everyone else, but we had to do household chores too (I was always washing up!). It's important to work hard therefore you are able to celebrate the success. My father still goes to work every day, I am so proud of everything he has achieved and I want to prove myself in business too!”

    And she did. After excelling as an Armani model, transitioning to become a successful TV personality across an array of British TV channels and founding a number of charities from helping children to animals, she established SHOW Beauty — a hair collection consisting of eleven styling and finishing products, designed to optimize volumizing benefits via botanical formulations free of parabens and sulphates.

    What makes SHOW Beauty unique is that the collection contains a fine fragrance consistent across all variants, from dry shampoo and mousse, to oil and spray. The fine scent has been developed by fragrance leaders Givaudan with their ScentTrek technology. It is the first time for Givaudan to create and apply a fragrance outside a perfume. Sumptuous rose petals combine with the softest notes of coconut milk, creamy caramel and rich almond butter, blending into a background of Madagascar vanilla, sensual patchouli and soft white musk. The hair care collection provides a rich olfactory experience. Yet, it is engineered to treat and improve the condition of hair by offering UV protection and incorporating free-radical scavengers to keep coloured hair free from oxidation. Each of the formulations is encased in a bottle that is crafted in multi-faceted glass with rose gold treatments, a modern take on the classic art deco elements.

    “The bottle design is my very personal aesthetic, the black and rose gold is chic & classic and I love the way the bottles look in my bathroom.”

    SHOW Beauty is created by an all-rounded working mum, for busy ladies who want to be at their best at all times. It’s also a beautiful lifestyle decoration to boast some decadence in your surroundings be they at home or out and about. But most importantly, it’s an innovative medium for you to feel good and hence show your inner beauty.

    “Having Sophia has totally changed my life. My hope for Sophia is to teach her that beauty comes from within, it's not always about how someone looks but how you feel inside that counts.”

    Interview by Lucienne Leung-Davies