Searching for scented memories: To Siu Kiu is more than a sweet girl

14 Feb 2018

To Siu Kiu is well known as an internet celebrity and now she is working hard to become an actress. “There are many emotions within me and I want to express them through acting,” she said.

To Siu Kiu is so much more than just a pretty face; when you talk to her you realise that she has her own thoughts and the stamina to go after her dreams – a young lady with confidence, but not at all intimidating. Like a linear-structured perfume, it’s not a complex cadence, but it’s direct and consistent from the beginning to the end.

JOYCE Beauty: Siu Kiu, can you share a scented memory with us that is dear to you?

To Siu Kiu: I’m afraid you’ll laugh at me. My first boyfriend: I liked the smell of his sweat a lot. One year on his birthday, I chose a woody perfume for him which I thought was perfect for him. Unfortunately, we broke up not long afterwards and I never got to smell this woody scent on him again, until one time in England when I was on the street and suddenly there it was, that woody tone! But of course it wasn’t him, but I still followed the scent until I couldn’t smell it anymore. All the happy and unhappy memories of our relationship came back like a flood. That was the first time I realised that scent could be so powerful.

JOYCE Beauty: This is a really moving story! A perfume collector once said that every time she starts a romantic relationship she changes her perfume, presumably for the same reason. So, other than love, does scent play an important part in your daily life?

To Siu Kiu: I love the smell of peaches, so for daily necessities I always choose something that smells like peaches, be it paper towels, shower gel, shampoo, lotion and so on. I wish I could live in a peach-scented bubble!

JOYCE Beauty: So fruity tones are your favourite? As for floral, wood and citrus tones, of what and whom do they remind you?

To Siu Kiu: I think I could be considered a perfume collector. Regardless of the brand or style of the perfume, as long as it moves me I will bring it home. When you ask me about my scented memories, something else came to mind. I travelled with my family to Hangzhou when I was young, and we walked by a place full of osmanthus flowers, and that very scent left a mark on me. Now whenever I smell osmanthus flowers I feel happy. For me that flower represents my family, while a woody tone represents my life, peach or fruity scent represents love, and citrus vitality. Like my fragrance collection, all these different aromas are indispensable; they constitute an important part of me.

Scent representing Siu Kiu:

Annick Goutal | PETITE CHÉRIE

Annick Goutal created Petite Chérie for her beloved daughter Camille, producing a vivacious composition that embodies a mother’s love for her “little darling” on the cusp of womanhood. This fruity fragrance combines all Siu Kiu’s heart’s desires, with a riot of juicy peaches and pears as top notes, enhanced by the sensual femininity of rose and musk and finished with a final sprinkle of freshly cut grass – a mischievous embrace of a perfume.


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