Scents and Sensibility – Belle Fleur

Meredith Waga and Tony Perez, the founders of the prestigious New York floral and fragrance label Belle Fleur, hosted a captivating floral arrangement workshop at Joyce Beauty Hong Kong with our special clientele and selected media friends. During the session, they shared their “fragrance first” philosophy - genuine passion for all things floral, meticulous attention to detail and commitment to making beautiful, exceptional fragrances of the finest quality.

During the visit, both global citizens took some time off to stroll the streets and alleys of Hong Kong to absorb the city’s vibrant atmosphere. Perhaps - and we hope - the city’s buzz, essences and dense landscape will form the backbone of their next architecturally inspired fragrance and floral collection?

Prepping for editors

Tea sipping and floral snipping

Haute Couture inspiration

HK street art. Obsessed with composition

Panda Art

Window Pinstripes

X Skyscraper