Rooted in Nature: New Mood-enhancing Body Care by Prismologie

10 Jul 2018

  • Incorporating the power of colour therapy into a luxurious gemstone and precious metal-infused body care collection, British brand Prismologie delivers effective, indulgent products that elevate the mood daily. The latest additions to the sustainably produced range include comforting Rose Quartz and Manganese Meridian Balm, soothing Sapphire and Silver Meridian Balm, and renewing Jade and Vetiver Hand Exfoliant.

    Rose Quartz + Manganese Comforting Meridian Balm

    Applied in a three-minute daily ritual that creates a moment of mindfulness in a busy world, this gentle balm is applied to the body’s meridian points; joyfully uplifting the wearer with carefully selected aromatherapy properties, while treating the body with deeply nourishing ingredients.


    • The deeply comforting pink balm is scented with delicate rose essential oil, and further enriched with semi-precious rose quartz.
    • Skin is further cosseted by antioxidant manganese; age spots are diminished with peony root, while Four O’Clock Flower provides all-round protection.
    • Providing de-stressing and relaxing benefits, passionflower and rose hip seed oils combine with Arctic rose to deliver skin that is simply happier.

    Tips: Apply using Prismologie’s recommended three-minute technique: stroke balm along the length of the limbs, gently massage into the abdominal area and chest with circular movements, then pat into key meridian points in the lower back.

    Sapphire + Silver Relaxing Meridian Balm

    In striking indigo blue-and-gold recyclable packaging that oozes with sophistication, Prismologie’s thoughtfully blended Sapphire and Silver Meridian Balm is the epitome of daily pampering, packing an aromatic scent into a luxurious fusion of essential oils, precious metals and prized gemstones.


    • The heady aroma of Oud – one of the world’s most valuable perfumes – helps to quiet even the busiest of minds.
    • Soothing silver is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, while Butterfly Lavender Extract helps to maintain muscle tone.
    • Wild Indigo relaxes, Balloon Vine Extract reduces redness, and Blackcurrant Seed Oil and Violet Rice balance and protect the body.

    Tips: This hero product is ideal for use as part of a night-time beauty ritual. When applied using Prismologie’s signature three-minute ritual technique, the balm’s calming properties help to gently promote a restful night’s sleep.

    Jade and Vetiver Hand Exfoliant

    Treating hard-working hands to the care and attention that they deserve, Prismologie’s fresh green hand exfoliant combines potent smoothing, moisturising and regenerating ingredients in an intensely healing treatment that leaves hands delicately perfumed, and softly renewed.


    • Calming and restorative, the deep and woody-yet-delicate aroma of Vetiver promotes serenity.
    • Powdered precious Jade and pure Silica combine to gently polish away dryness, leaving Avocado and Tamanu Oils to soften, moisturise and protect.
    • Olive Oil delivers cell regeneration benefits, while Vitamin E helps to nurture, guarding hands against environmental damage.

    Tips: Although Prismologie Jade and Vetiver Exfoliant is primarily designed for hands, it is equally at home when used to gently buff and care for feet. Suitable for use in both the shower and bath, this product eliminates dry patches with ease, leaving behind only smooth, scented skin.

    About Prismologie

    The brainchild of mother-and-daughter team Intisar and Fatima Al-Sabah, the Prismologie collection was developed with colour therapy at its heart. The entire range enables the individual to select a mood-enhancing colour and gemstone according to their specific needs. Responsibly produced to the founders’ own strict ethical standards, Prismologie is founded on the belief that everything used on the skin should be rooted in nature.