Lee Young Ae’s 100% Botanical Skincare Line Launches at JOYCE Beauty Hong Kong

16 Sep 2015

JOYCE Beauty has recently launched highly acclaimed Korean actress Lee Young Ae's namesake skincare brand, Lyanature in Hong Kong.

“Everyone hopes to live a healthy and happy life surrounded by the beauty of nature.” 

Lee Young Ae, Co-Founder of Lyanature

Well-known for her loving nature, Lee has adopted a healthy lifestyle since her pregnancy. Being concerned about the chemicals and preservatives of conventional skincare products, which are threatening to her own self and the twins, all she can rely on are 100% botanical products. The idea of creating a line of Pure Botanical Care took shape when she teamed up with Ph.D. skin specialist Dr. Hong Seong-Taek from the University of Seoul.

In the formulation and choice of ingredients, nature is what appeals to us the most. The ingredients are “100% botanical” and must pass the strictest standards of EWG (Environmental Working Group) to bear the label “ZERO Hazard level”. Stringent tests are executed to ensure there are no remnants of the 245 kinds of pesticides.

The Rule of Zero vs 100%

Free of hazardous surfactants, additives and chemical ingredients, a unique low temperature extraction process is used to harness and keep the efficacy of botanical ingredients for an extended time while safely and potently preserving the nutrients.

Wild camellia seed oil, red ginseng extract and ice plant extract are some of the unique ingredients used, and together with various vitamins and minerals are very effective in protecting skin and reinforcing skin barriers. This way the skin naturally regains resilience and elasticity while maintaining long-lasting hydration and a radiant, healthy glow. Lyanature redefines your skincare routine with two user-friendly product lines, Lyanature and mom&twins, which are suitable for you and your beloved family.

“As a mother of twins, I care deeply about the health and wellbeing of my family.”

Lee Young Ae, Co-Founder of Lyanature


The Lyanature skincare line is suitable for all women and offers products that range from cleansing, face and eye cream to hair care.

Top sellers include Snow Bar/Ball Klenzer, made from camellia seed oil with full of oleic and linoleic acid that infuses skin with antioxidants, essential fatty acids and tocopherol; Washing Toner which helps rebuild lipid layer by locking in moisture in the skin after cleansing and contains Vitamin D, beta-carotene and ginsenoside to fortify resilience and elasticity; Morning Mist, which contains 100% mineral-rich deep ocean water to awaken, refresh and soothe skin; and CREME’ALL, formulated with up to four times the amount of humectants found in conventional creams, it provides long-lasting hydration while revitalizing the skin with beta-carotene, vitamin C, niacin, ginsenoside, and omega 3 and 6 found in seaweed or botanical extracts.


Suitable for pregnant women, children and even new-born babies, favourite products from the mom&twins line is Skin Tonic Balm which soothes skin sensitivity from dryness and diaper rash; Mom's Tonic Oil which eliminates stretch marks by keeping skin elastic and flexible; Balm&Butter, a multipurpose, 100% plant-based balm full of oleic acid rich camellia seed oil and avocado butter that boosts suppleness and softens skin; and SHAMPOO’ALL, which contains camellia seed and coconut oil, saponin, tocopherol and triglyceride for healthy hair and through scalp cleansing.