Layering Decoded: The French routine, interpreted by ODILE LECOIN

23 Apr 2018

Every day we take good care of our skin, pampering ourselves with the best treatments and nourishment we can find. But more often than not, no matter how hard we try, our skin condition is still far from what we desire: clouded by unshakeable dullness instead of glowing with radiance. Does that mean the skincare products are totally ineffective? Or have we been doing something wrong all along?

The key to an effective skincare regime lies in the method that we apply the products, and how we fortify our skin against harmful environmental stressors. Each skincare product has its specialist role, and layering them correctly ensures that they synchronise with each other to give us an ‘airtight’ regime.

Every step in our skincare routine is vital, from cleansing and moisturising to deep repairing; every step of the way contributes to the final result.

This spring, Joyce Beauty presents you with a professional and meticulous skincare proposal: by introducing the best skincare prescription for you and by sharing easy-to-follow instructions and tips, we can safeguard your delicate skin.

Step 1

OR, j’llumine (The Devine Cleansing Milk)

Celebrated by Carla Bruni, Eva Mendes and Jennifer Connelly, Odile Lecoin’s Collection OR embodies the golden ratio of beauty, emanating a spirit of purity, positivity and pleasure. OR, j’llumine is the divine cleaning milk that gently eliminates impurities and make-up from deep inside pores, whilst respecting the skin’s natural balance.

Key Ingredients:

  • Babassu, a vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of the babassu palm, is an ancient and unusual ingredient to nourish skin;
  • High lauric acid content enriches the cleansing milk with smoothing and moisturising properties that help prevent skin from drying out

​Step 2

OR, je m’envole (The Extraordinary Water)

Ideal as a toner, the extraordinary lotion OR, je m’envoie is an invitation to absolute comfort. An exquisite combination of soothing and energising sensations that leave the skin revitalised and satin soft.

Key Ingredients:

  • Phenolic compounds (flavonoids and anthocyanins) , an active ingredient that is rich in anti-oxidants, is extracted from the African Tulip tree, its flowers contain a high content of this magic potion;
  • Triterpenoids illuminates the complexion, soothes inflamed skin and protects against ageing.

Step 3

OR, je suis (The Anti Wrinkle Serum)

OR, je suis is an the anti-wrinkle serum strengthens skin elasticity and smooths the appearance of fine lines through the combined work of its active components.

Key Ingredients:

  • Marine elastin, boosts collagen production and helps restore firmness;
  • Amino acids, found in silk protein, repairs and restructures skin, making it smooth once again;
  • Glycerine, keeps your skin moisturised throughout the day.

Step 4

OR, j’aime (The Ultimate Day Cream)

OR, j’aime, the ultimate day cream works like a protective film, initiating a dynamic, long-lasting moisturising process that protects and invigorates your skin.

Key Ingredients:

  • Sodium hyaluronate with low-molecular-weight, maintains the proper moisture level to keep skin soft and supple by stimulating cell cohesion and collagen synthesis;
  • Vitamin E, an anti-oxidant that minimises the formation of free radicals responsible for skin ageing;
  • A cocktail of macadamia oil, hazelnut oil and musk rose oil delays ageing by strengthening the integrity of cell walls.