Layering Decoded: Join the men’s club – Layer Locking System by REFINERY

23 Apr 2018

Every day we take good care of our skin, pampering ourselves with the best treatments and nourishment we can find. But more often than not, no matter how hard we try, our skin condition is still far from what we desire: clouded by unshakeable dullness instead of glowing with radiance. Does that mean the skincare products are totally ineffective? Or have we been doing something wrong all along?

The key to an effective skincare regime lies in the method that we apply the products, and how we fortify our skin against harmful environmental stressors. Each skincare product has its specialist role, and layering them correctly ensures that they synchronise with each other to give us an ‘airtight’ regime.

Every step in our skincare routine is vital, from cleansing and moisturising to deep repairing; every step of the way contributes to the final result.

This spring, Joyce Beauty presents you with a professional and meticulous skincare proposal: by introducing the best skincare prescription for you and by sharing easy-to-follow instructions and tips, we can safeguard your delicate skin.

Step 1

Post Shave Balm

Soothing, cooling and antiseptic, this lightweight comforting balm is a must-have after you shave off your five o’clock shadow. Apply Post Shave Balm for instant hydration, locking in moisture and promoting radiance.

Key Ingredients:

  • Aloe vera soothes razor burns;
  • Hazel, bisabolol, sodium hyaluronate and brewer’s yeast, are the moisturising, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredients, that provide immediate and long-lasting protection, leaving the skin feeling smooth and fresh.

Step 2

Shave Oil

A further step to lock in the moisture. This multipurpose concentrated oil is packed full of vitamins and anti-oxidants, with a light texture that penetrates easily, delivering benefits deeply into the skin to rejuvenate and promote elasticity. Pat on Shave Oil to feed the skin, allowing the vitamins and anti-oxidants to penetrate even deeper.

Key Ingredients:

  • Rosehip, borage, jojoba, petitgrain and geranium, the healing blend of plant and essential oils work together to replenish and fortify dry, damaged skin and help to reduce sensitivity, while working to rebalance the skin’s natural oils.


Moisturiser (Mattifying Moisturiser / Revitalising Moisturiser)

Finish with either Mattifying Moisturiser or Revitalising Moisturiser, to protect the skin with anti-oxidant and anti-ageing ingredients, sealing in moisture and refining skin texture.

Key Ingredients:

Mattifying Moisturiser

  • Pumpkin seed extract and oat kernel flour instantly mattify your skin;
  • Frankincense helps to revitalise; Sandalwood nourishes;
  • Sodium hyaluronate moisturises and plumps

Revitalising Moisturiser

  • Creatine, vitamin C, sodium hyaluronate, meadowfoam seed oil and sandalwood, the moisturiser is packed with anti-ageing, plumping and brightening ingredients, leaving skin firm, hydrated and revitalised.