Layering Decoded: Ayurvedic regiment by SUBTLE ENERGIES

23 Apr 2018

Every day we take good care of our skin, pampering ourselves with the best treatments and nourishment we can find. But more often than not, no matter how hard we try, our skin condition is still far from what we desire: clouded by unshakeable dullness instead of glowing with radiance. Does that mean the skincare products are totally ineffective? Or have we been doing something wrong all along?

The key to an effective skincare regime lies in the method that we apply the products, and how we fortify our skin against harmful environmental stressors. Each skincare product has its specialist role, and layering them correctly ensures that they synchronise with each other to give us an ‘airtight’ regime.

Every step in our skincare routine is vital, from cleansing and moisturising to deep repairing; every step of the way contributes to the final result.

This spring, Joyce Beauty presents you with a professional and meticulous skincare proposal: by introducing the best skincare prescription for you and by sharing easy-to-follow instructions and tips, we can safeguard your delicate skin.

Step 1

Pure Indian Rose Hydrosol

Plunge into a sea of roses with Pure Indian Rose Hydrosol, a pure rose water with no preservatives that revitalises tired skin. Regular misting allows the skin to drink in all its nourishing qualities, leaving skin feeling enriched and revitalised. The first phase of hydration begins on a cleansed skin with the use of Subtle Energies Pure Indian Rose Hydrosol. Simply spray four to five pumps onto a cotton pad and gently wipe across the face in a smooth motion.

Key Ingredients:

  • Rose, in Ayurvedic medicine, it is a gentle rasayana (rejuvenator) that tightens and restores the skin while the delicately floral aroma will nurture and comfort your senses and energise the heart chakra.

Step 2

Facial Blend

The Subtle Energies Ayurveda Aromatherapy Facial Blend gives a youthful glow while providing rejuvenation, restoration and hydration for all skin types, particularly dry and mature skin. The unique and sensual aroma is soothing to the senses, providing tranquillity and peace of mind. Ideal as a daily treatment oil or serum. Layer three drops of Subtle Energies Facial Blend as a serum followed by moisturiser.

Key Ingredients:

  • Essential oils of mogra, sandalwood and Indian rose blended with a base of jojoba oil and fortifying Ashwagandha oil. The velvety-textured oil works to revitalise damaged skin, smoothing blemishes, firming and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Step 3

Mogra Rejuvenating Gold Cream

Subtle Energies Mogra Rejuvenating Gold Cream is a restorative age-defying cream which deliver intensive moisture, even for the driest of complexions. Enhance your daily skincare ritual with this high performance cream. Gently apply a small amount onto the face, décolletage and neck in the morning and evening to cleansed skin. Combine the Facial Blend and the Mogra Rejuvenating Gold Cream for a power pack application for those in a hurry. Apply one pump of the face Cream to your fingertips and mix two drops of the Facial Blend directly with the cream. Dab the product to the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin and then gently massage in with light pressure.

Key Ingredients:

  • Mogra, known as the Queen of Jasmines, a time tested anti-ageing agent that keeps your skin looking youthful and radiant by actively promoting collagen synthesis;
  • 24K gold with rare active ingredients to promote collagen production and soften dry skin.