Layering Decoded: A radiant beauty routine by EVE LOM

13 Apr 2018

Every day we take good care of our skin, pampering ourselves with the best treatments and nourishment we can find. But more often than not, no matter how hard we try, our skin condition is still far from what we desire: clouded by unshakeable dullness instead of glowing with radiance. Does that mean the skincare products are totally ineffective? Or have we been doing something wrong all along?

The key to an effective skincare regime lies in the method that we apply the products, and how we fortify our skin against harmful environmental stressors. Each skincare product has its specialist role, and layering them correctly ensures that they synchronise with each other to give us an ‘airtight’ regime.

Every step in our skincare routine is vital, from cleansing and moisturising to deep repairing; every step of the way contributes to the final result.

This spring, Joyce Beauty presents you with a professional and meticulous skincare proposal: by introducing the best skincare prescription for you and by sharing easy-to-follow instructions and tips, we can safeguard your delicate skin.

Step 1


This cleanser has been hailed as the ‘Queen of Cleansers’ ever since it was created 25 years ago. This pioneering balm cleanser contains a blend of four aromatic oils to cleanse, decongest, and remove make-up without stripping the skin. Follow the signature Seven Step Technique to wash your face with the help of the muslin cloth that also functions as an exfoliator.

Key Ingredients:

  • Egyptian chamomile oil softens and soothes the skin;

  • Eucalyptus oil decongests and reveals a radiant glow;
  • Hops Oil functions as a toner.

Step 2

Rescue Mask

A much-needed ritual to remove impurities, without drying the skin for a refined and radiant complexion, suitable for all skin types. Use rescue musk two to three times a week as a regular deep cleansing treatment or as an emergency mask for stressed-out skin.

Key Ingredients:

  • Cooling Camphor to decongest skin;
  • Kaolin to absorb excess oil and puffiness;
  • Ground Almonds to exfoliate for a brighter complexion.

Step 3

Intense Hydration Serum

A lightweight Hydration Serum that is easily absorbed and great for all skin types. Layer a few drops of Intense Hydration Serum and follow with the brightening cream to achieve beautifully radiant and even-toned skin.

Key Ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic acid, has been clinically proven to increase skin's moisture levels by up to 80 percent in just two hours;
  • Glycerine helps restore suppleness.

Step 4

Brightening Cream

An innovative hydra-cream with patented ingredient DermaPep™ and anti-oxidant actives to correct hyperpigmentation, visibly brightening and unifying the complexion.

Key Ingredients:

  • DermaPep™ blocks melanin production;
  • Chinese Root Extract, restores skin’s structure and combat free radicals;
  • Rose Otto oil, one of the most exclusive oils in the world, enhances hydration and combat oxidative stresses that cause premature ageing and dark spots.