JOYCE BEAUTY Presents Valentine’s Gift Ideas

04 Feb 2013

With the advent of Valentine’s Day, JOYCE BEAUTY is delighted to offer a list of gift ideas for your beloved ones.

For Her
Dress up your Nails with Deborah Lippmann’s Latest Collection for 2013 Spring/Summer
Either a poetic hue to unlock your Spring fantasy or a cotton candy coat from Staccato Collection, Deborah Lippmann has jazzed up a wearable wardrobe for your nails. Can’t wait to get a splash of Summer? The Mermaids Collection welcomes four new glittering shades. Before getting carried away with the refreshing palette, get your nails prep with the treatment-infused Gel Lab Base and Top Coats.

Can’t Take His Eyes Off You - Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscope Eye Kit (HK$925)

Bold and audacious are the keywords for the Nouvelle Vague Collection from Le Metier de Beaute. With the Kaleidoscope Eye Kit at hand, your eye make-up immerses you in the iconography imagery of the 1960s. Opulence and Pop, playful yet effortless, Sixties Parisian-chic is reworked with contemporary elegance. Let your creativity flows with four utterly sensational shades, Nouvelle (sheer mink negative), Gamine (satin pink celluloid), Icon (silky matte Parisian mauve) and Fin (smoldering black carbon).

Passion Glows with Amyris Duo from Maison Francis Kurkdjian (HK$1,350 /70ml)
It is a story about an encounter between resin and rhizome, a secret to be read between the lines. When the splendor of sunset lingers, the heart and soul are illuminated. This is Amyris, a brand-new fragrance from Maison Francis Kurkdjian. With its root in Jamaica and heart in Florence, Amyris instantly kindles an eternal flame that revolves around two planets that galvanize each other, Amyris and Iris. Together the tree born under the Jamaican sun and the subtlest of Florentine flowers create its glowing warmth.

A Romantic Night with Nuit Etoilee by Annick Goutal (HK$1,750 /100ml)

Dressed in a unique midnight blue and adorned with a soft Milky Way painted in fine gold, Annick Goutal Nuit Etoilee is truly a manifestation of romance. The Eau de Parfum version is rounder and sensual, thanks to the gradual increase in strength of the Iris and Amber.

Omorovicza Trio – Blissful Treatment Oil Set (HK$690)

For a blissful body ritual, pamper yourself with healing oil from cult Budapest-based luxury skincare brand, Omorovicza. The healing power comes from a blissful trio featuring Lifting Myrrh Oil, Blissful Frankincense Oil and Gold Shimmer Oil. These multi-purpose body oils have many to offer including anti-aging properties of Frankincense, toning and lifting function from Arabian Myrrh and anti-inflmmatory function from gold. Let your body glow gracefully.

For Him

Every Gent Needs a Breath of Mint – Menthe Fraiche by Heeley Parfums (HK$1,390 / 100ml)
Heeley, by James Heeley. His passion in “scent” design brings him to France where he discovered how scents are “designed” and made. Unisex in nature, the contemporary and unique scents within the collection are designed for all genders.

Being one of the first scents created by James Heeley, Menthe Fraiche is a breakthrough in olfactory art. The scent vividly depicts the character of a simple yet difficult ingredient, mint. In the hands of Heeley, garden mint is transformed into a contemporary, elegant and highly wearable scent. The ultra-freshness is reinforced by crushed mint leaves interwoven with a hint of Sicilian bergamot, green tea and white cedar.

Menthe Fraiche starts with spearmint, peppermint and bergamot. Later green tea and freesia creep in to bestow garden freshness. Lastly, white cedar leaves traces of warmth and sensuality.

Get the Full Gear - Proraso Shaving Kit Refresh Eucalyptus (HK$590)
The Proraso Shaving Kit consists of Pre-Shave Cream, Shaving Cream Soap, Shaving Cream Jar, Shaving Foam and After-Shave Lotion suitable for every kind of beard and normal skin.

Depending on the skin conditions or mood, you can choose from three types of shaving experience. The Shaving Cream Soap is made by the most traditional, vegetable stearin-based formula, enriched with glycerine to achieve a smooth glide thus reducing razor burn and rashes. The Shaving Cream Jar is made following the hot soap making process and left to mature for 10 days. Shaving Foam is the most convenient option to offer quick and easy shave. Eucalyptus oil and menthol are the hero ingredients.

The final touch is After-Shave Lotion for calming and moisturizing to complete your daily shaving ritual. Witch hazel is added to reduce rashes and razor burn.

French Lover from Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle (HK$2,155 /100ml)
The Nine Roses at Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle have distinguished taste in perfume creation. Under the art direction of Frederic Malle, these noses can fully express his or her creative ideas as an individual. Passion and creativity flow in every bottle. For a declaration of love, French Lover by Pierre Bourdon is a virtual manifestation of passion with an Iris and Incense heart. The scent lingers with base notes of Patchouli, Karanal and Cedar Wood.

Effortless and Easy - Electric Pre-Shave Optimizer by Kyoku for Men
For those who look for a companion for electric shave. Electric Pre-Shave Optimizer by Kyoku for Men is tailor-made for you. Formulated with advanced Vitamin C complex and beard-lifting micro-particles, a smooth and effortless electric shave is promised. Beard lifting is optimized with the micro-particles coated in a potent polymer.

Comfort Zone Shaving - Moisturizing Shave Milk by Milk & Co (HK$180)
An ultimate shave experience can be effortless and painless. Get yourself a bottle of milk from Milk & Co. This is a tailor-made concoction for shaving with menthol to cool your skin, coconut oil to moisturize and smooth the skin, and a peppermint gum aroma to round up a refreshing ritual. Suitable for all skin types, Milk & Co’s Moisturizing Shave Milk ensures a comfortable shave.