15 Nov 2012

  • Neil Moodie, renowned international hair stylist as well as founder of Windle & Moodie salon in London, has created four Autumn/Winter looks exclusively for JOYCE BEAUTY customers.

    As cooler climes grace Hong Kong’s shores, Moodie’s stunning hair styling trends are soft and versatile, suiting both a week in the city and a weekend jaunt into the countryside.

    Ponytails are here to stay, only looser and worn lower in the nape of the neck, whilst curls make a welcome return, either worn in loose waves or short, soft and tight.

    The first look, ‘Town to Country’, takes its inspiration from women who blow dry their hair for their busy city life and leave it over the weekend. With its soft waves and centre parting, this natural style, recommended by Moodie, suits longer hair.

    Continuing the trend for natural waves, the second, shorter look, ‘Thelma Bob’, is soft and playful. This style was inspired by famous milliner Thelma Spiers, who wears her grey hair in a short natural wavy bob.

    ‘The Grown-Up Pony’ is a low side ponytail, inspired by a sixties schoolgirl who is blossoming into a woman and losing her naivety. She wants her look to appear effortless and yet strives to convey her growing intellect and self-confidence.

    The final look is more dynamic. ‘Power Curls’ is a modern twist on a thirties style. Inspired by Henry Moore’s undulating sculptures, Moodie creates a look of tight curls, shaped to accentuate the cheekbones.

    Offering further advice for busy Hong Kong women trying to achieve these gorgeous looks on the go, Moodie suggests power drying your hair instead of blow-drying thoroughly. ‘Style afterwards with either one of the WAM Revolving Irons or Straightening Irons. You will still achieve close to the look you’re trying to go for’, advises Moodie. He recommends using WAM Revolving Irons (size 25 and 31) along with WAM Ultimate Iconic Hairdryer, and three staple products to achieve these seasonal looks: Bumble & bumble Prep Spray, Thickening Hairspray and Styling Crème. All WAM tools and Bumble & bumble products are available exclusively at JOYCE BEAUTY.