Introducing AQUIS – the Hair Essential

24 Jan 2017

The best-kept hair secret in the US has now arrived at JOYCE Beauty. AQUIS is the perfect answer to the most common causes of ‘bad hair days’, like frizz and breakage. The revolutionary hair towel with its ultra-absorbent fabric dries hair gently and thoroughly without causing friction and damage.

Hair loses 60 per cent of its strength when it’s wet, with ruptures of the over-stretched hair fibres leading to frizz and breakage. The sooner hair is dried with as little friction as possible, the less damage is caused. Wrapping hair with AQUIS – rather than rubbing it with a regular towel – not only cuts down drying time, but also keeps the hair cuticles smoother, resulting in naturally hydrated, head-turning tresses.

American entrepreneur Britta Cox created AQUIS when she became frustrated with her regular bath towel, which was heavy, awkward, and left her hair drippy. She worked with a Japanese fibre specialist to develop Aquitex – a uniquely absorbent fabric that wicks water away quickly and gently, without friction. In 2000, Britta began working closely with a Korean lab to create the latest LUXE fabric, present in all AQUIS hair towels today.

The brand’s many fans have reported dramatic improvements in their hair manageability and health after using AQUIS in their hair care regimes after just three weeks. The collection features a new-generation lightweight and luxurious Aquitex with improved absorbency. Simply wrap and tuck, freeing your hands while your hair dries for healthier, happier hair.


Lisse Luxe may sound like the name of an avant-garde artist, but she is the perfect towel for drying normal hair, as well as curly hair, fine hair, damaged hair, and any locks that need some gentle love.

Colours available: Desert Rose and Cloudy Berry


The style features the all around gentleness of a Lisse Luxe towel but with the convenience of an easy to fasten turban. Great for curly and delicate hair needing the gentlest treatment.

Colours available: Desert Rose and Cloudy Berry