29 Oct 2014

  • In every Maison Caulières box is a luxurious botanical wonder that carries three centuries of French tradition and the legend of silky skin.

    The Maison Caulières portfolio of skincare products is equal parts botany, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, French empiric history, and pure luxury. Each decadent product is built around a powerful complex of three nourishing and protective oils, and a moisturising honey from the Caulières’ own hives.

    The age-old combination of nourishing and protective oils comprises the trinity of Extra Virgin Sunflower Almond Oil, Extra Virgin Rape Bark Oil, and Extra Virgin Linseed Oil. Each of the three extra-virgin Caulières oils are high in essential fatty acids, and offer nature’s nourishing and protective properties.

    Purity is the heart of nature’s power. The Maison Caulières has cherished the fertile grounds of the family’s farm for 250 years. It’s there where they grow sunflower, rapeseed and linseed, all used historically for their own family’s care for their medicinal properties.

    The Maison Caulières offers four collections, each providing its own sensual ritual inspired by sensations of nature and encapsulating a moment of rare pleasure and escape.

    Retour Aux Sources: Back to Basics

    Lift the lid on a Retour Aux Sources delight, and you are immediately transported to the romance and comforting relief of an orange orchard. Enjoy the Maison Caulières sensation of relief and comfort.

    Ode Au Repos: Rest

    At once, the Ode Au Repos range incites notions of ice-cold purity and relaxed softness. Experience the Maison Caulières sensation of ice-cold shiver and pure softness.

    A L’Aube Des Sens: Dawn of the Senses

    Rejoice in this fresh mint scent, inspired by morning dew and buds in the full bloom of late spring. For those in need of refreshing energy and natural lightness, the A L’Aube Des Sens collection is made just for you.

    Le Temps d’Un Songe: A Time to Dream

    Le Temps d’Un Songe delivers an exciting and sensuous texture that’s rich and inviting – a dreamy mood in a box, with solar and voluptuous sensation.