28 May 2014

  • Terry de Gunzberg’s impeccable taste led her to commission master perfumer Michel Almairac to work with her on By Terry’s latest Haute Perfumery Collection. Together, the duo have forged their talents to create two stunning fragrances: Fruit Defendu and Blue Paradis.

    Both are borne of the beautiful, classic olfactory sensation: the rose. Over the years, the rose has been the basis for many a fine fragrance, but these two creations bring the rose to a new level of fragrance distinction.

    Michel Almairac has long been in awe of the versatility and magnificence of the rose. Renowned for his minimalistic approach to perfume creation, and with a preference for rosy fragrances rather than rose perfumes, the subtle hues he has created for By Terry are sensational. Seemingly contradictory, there are notes of fruitiness and smokiness amid the delicate floral overtones.

    Terry de Gunzberg was clear from the outset that, for a perfume to be worthy of the Haute title, you ought to be able to smell its pure ingredients. Without necessarily recognising them, you should sense their presence on some level.

    Borne from the Turkish green rose, Fruit Defendu is composed of exotic fruits, pineapple and mango, blended with bewitching bergamot, pink peppercorns, and founded on base notes of white musk.

    The velvety blue rose forms the basis of the sensual Bleu Paradis fragrance, which transports the mind to far away locations, where a heady mix of litchi, smoky cedar and rose entwine. The layers of scent fuse without losing the freshness and lightness of a rose on a dewy morning.

    Both are sensually packaged, befitting the captivating perfumes inside. Hand-crafted, the curved cube bottles echo the Art Deco era, topped with an iconic mercury drop, and were inspired by Terry de Gunzberg’s bathroom created by famous interior designer Jacques Grange. Creative passion has been executed into every aspect of the perfume and the packaging, with tingling shades that both refresh and soothe.