30 Jun 2014

  • The Book – Hair: Fashion & Fantasy

    This special appearance of Laurent marks his first Asian book launch of Hair: Fashion & Fantasy in Hong Kong on 19June. In the book, Laurent takes a retrospective look across the pivotal moments in fashion photography and celebrity culture. From African tribal fashions to today’s new creations, each chapter explores a style such as braids, curls, chignons, short crops, Mohawks, and some wilder extremes with rare archival images.

    “Hairstyling is a genuine art form: it symbolically represents our transition from unkempt barbarians to civilized social beings.
    Laurent Philippon

    The Trends – Autumn/Winter 2014

    As the Creative Consultant for Bumble and bumble, Laurent is a visionary in hair trends and product ideas. He creates and crafts trend-setting hair styles for fashion shows and ultimately, real people. To present his favour looks for Autumn/Winter 2014, Laurent stages a live demonstration in Hong Kong for the first time to showcase his miraculous hair-styling skills.

    “It is all about making the hair look healthy, young and naturally shiny.” Laurent concludes. The Side-part Swoosh, The Twist and The Extraordinary Textureare the three hair looks demonstrated by him using Bumble and bumble styling products.

    Labeled as the effortless and laid back “real girl” hair, the first look - The Side-part Swoosh features deep side parts accompanied by the more structural and romantic looks on the runway. By blow-drying hair forward in advance, a sweeping “swoosh” effect is created across model’s forehead.

    The second look - The Twist is unforced and street-style inspired. To create the look, Laurent pulled model’s hair back and created a small braid to secure the look. The pieces are left to fall out naturally, giving an illusion of a shorter unkempt bob.

    Last but not the least, for The Extraordinary Texture; it is indeed something that Laurent has been doing a lot in fashion shows. “I like doing lightly textured hair. I find it more enviable, sexier than an over textured hair.” The Extraordinary Texture can be matte, mussed, dewy, drenched, ethereal and elaborate. The hair is tied back to make a bow with two strands.

    Suggested Bumble and bumble products: Prep, Thickening Hairspray, Dryspun Finish and Hairdresser's invisible oil

    The Exhibition – His passion and vision

    Throughout the creative journey of Mr. Laurent Philippon, there are moments that wow the fashion world. There are hair styles that seize the crowd. There are images which people never forget. To pay tribute to this master of hairstyling art, Joyce Beauty curates a photo exhibition showcasing 15 pieces of his unforgettable works. Today, you can come face-to-face with these great works of hair arts in selected Joyce Beauty & Joyce Grooming shops. Also, Hair: Fashion and Fantasy is now available at Joyce Beauty & Joyce Grooming.