Discover the First and Exclusive Grooming Creations by Murdock London

06 Jan 2015

  • Joyce Beauty Hong Kong is proud to bring the London grooming heritage, Murdock London, to Asia, to create an experience of quintessentially British shaving and skincare rituals for tasteful gents.

    Founded in 2006, Murdock London opened its first barber shop in London’s creative hub of Shoreditch. Being one of the most sought-after grooming establishments in England, Murdock London is well known for its bespoke grooming products, tools and accessories. A full array of “made in England” grooming products including shaving collection, colognes and skincare allows chaps to maintain their own shaving and skincare regime at home.

    Shaving at Ease

    The Shaving range is comprehensive and user-friendly to fulfill the daily shaving needs of modern gents. From express shaving solution to quintessentially British shaving routine, the experience is effortless and efficient. For a stylish makeover, don’t miss the beard grooming essentials. Murdock London offers various shaving sets to kick-start your bespoke shaving.

    Artisan Cologne

    The boutique perfumers create five unique colognes to enhance your masculinity. Avalon, Vetiver, Fougère, Black Tea and Patchouli are destined to be your timeless scent.

    Skincare Quintet

    Murdock London concocts five skincare essentials to pamper gents’ facial skin to get ready for smooth shaving. Grab your wash and scrub, followed by face moisturiser, eye serum and lip salve.

    Body and Soul

    Everything has to be quick and easy. Don’t forget to put the handy Restorative Hand Healer to your brief case.

    Hair Matters

    The Quince & Oakmoss Shampoo and Conditioner are specially formulated to calm and revitalize men’s hair. Sea Salt Primer – Davines makes wonders to your clean-cut hair style.