30 Oct 2014

  • Created as a celebration of Diptyque’s incredible 50-year anniversary in 2011, and to encapsulate the fragrances from its first boutique at Blvd Saint-Germain in Paris, Collection 34 expresses Diptyque’s myths, history and origins while paying homage to the raw materials behind its exquisite olfactory creations.

    Essence Insensées EDP Limited Edition 2014

    This divine creation was born in 2013 when the mimosa blossomed with a wild and robust abandon in the French Riviera’s Grasse region. Diptyque embraced this natural wonder, capturing this incomparably fresh bloom to craft this season’s Collection 34 eau de toilette. Essence Insensées empowers the natural complexities of the mimosa, offering a subtly balsamic floral fragrance, with fresh and slightly spicy notes.
    Beyond its delicate scent, the Essence Insensées bottle is a timeless masterpiece to be cherished. Its design was invented deep in the historical vaults of Waltersperger – the last traditional glassmaking house still producing luxury bottles for discerning brands in France.

    Le Redouté Scented Candle

    Collection 34 seeks inspiration in Diptyque’s original maison, with the beautiful Le Redouté candle inspired by places rather than ingredients. This striking, earthen white candle is a top-to-toe reflection of nature’s bold power. The handsome individual ceramic jars are crafted through an artisanal process, and finished with a dusted clay stone presentation. Each candle parades a unique marbled effect, making every item a one-of-a-kind.
    This special-edition candle celebrates the history of Le Redouté de Mrs Merwin, a potpourri of remarkable originality, and a recipe with a legend dating back to Elizabethan times. The candle’s scent is a floral, spicy, woody interpretation of Mrs Merwin’s famed potpourri of heavenly dried rose petals and added spices.