Dental Care Goes Luxurious and High-Tech

15 Jan 2015

  • Playing an avant-garde role in dental care, Swiss Smile creates a variety of premium creations by unifying high quality aesthetics and maximum functions. Swiss Smile collaborates with the Swiss oral care pioneer CURADEN in product formulations and innovations to offer the best-performing home-use dental care products.

    Toothpaste and Toothbrush

    Catering to the specific needs and sensorial pleasure in teeth cleansing, Swiss Smile offers three types of toothpaste. From the most luxurious gold dust to the exclusive whitening and herbal formulations, every type of toothpaste has its companion toothbrush to let you indulge in the universe premium dental beauty care. d’Or Gold Toothpaste & Gold Plated Toothbrush is an ultimate luxury in daily dental care by introducing the first ever “good as gold” toothpaste in history. Contrasting pleasantly with the classic minty formula, the Swiss Smile d’Or toothpaste has a subtle oriental note. Whitening Toothpaste & Toothbrushes create a daily ritual of teeth whitening at your fingertips with a non-abrasive formula and whitening sheath around the patented two-component bristles. Vitalizing Herbal Toothpaste & Soft Toothbrushes infuse the teeth with highly concentrated herbal essences to enhance oral health. The innovative brush head ensures more intensive and effective cleansing. Last but not least, the No. 5 Toothbrush gives you a truly irresistible red.

    Dental Essentials

    A complete dental care solution is a promise from Swiss Smile with its three dental and lip care creations. Formulated with extra-white nanocrystals to adhere seamlessly and repair naturally on affected or exposed dental surfaces, Pearl Shine Whitening & Repair Dental Conditioner re-mineralises and protects damaged tooth surfaces with teeth-brightening action propelled by extra-fine mother-of-pearl foam particles. Waxed Dental Tape ensures effective cleaning and gum protection with refreshing mint flavour. Night Care Lip Balm nourishes and rejuvenates your lips overnight. Oxygen-binding epaline renders chapped lips silky smooth.

    Total Care Set

    Day & Night Whitening & Repair Set
    Experience the state-of-the-art whitening teeth cleaning regime of Swiss Smile with Day & Night Whitening & Repair Set. Adopting a holistic and professional dental care system to promote healthy teeth and user-friendly approach to create sensual pleasure in dental care, the morning ritual is kicked off with Whitening Toothpaste and Whitening Toothbrush. At night, Vitalizing Herbal Toothpaste stimulates gum regeneration with a combination of highly-concentrated herbal extracts. The best of herbal cleaning is promised by pairing up with Soft Toothbrush. Finally, you can rely on Waxed Dental Tape to enjoy effective teeth cleaning while protecting the gums.

    Day Gloss & Night Care Lip balm Set
    Designed as your daily companion, Day Gloss Nude gives lips a seductive shine with its nutrient-rich formula. A tingling instant boosting effect creates fuller and sensual lips in an instant. Lines and wrinkles are smoothed out. Being an ideal complement to your favourite lipstick, the Day Gloss & Night Care Lip Balm Set guarantees a 24/7 lip-care ritual anywhere.