JOYCE Beauty Curates a seasonal selection to echo the theme of ethereal fashion

28 Aug 2018


JOYCE Beauty explores deeper into the dimensions of wellness this season with brands that are rooted in nature and celebrate the full integration of wellbeing.

Instilling gemstones into its body care range for their metaphysical properties, UK brand Prismologie is deeply investigated in the transformative power of precious stones. Diamonds, citrines, rose quartz, jade, rubies and sapphires are crushed and blended into the formulations, thus carrying defensive and enhancing functions. Each is distinct in one of six different colours designed for their unique mood-enhancing and restorative qualities. Prismologie will grace the season with its vibrant palette.

Simply said but often not simply done, being rooted in nature requires a commitment to truly natural and organic ingredients. Hailed from Australia where many sustainability warriors are from, Ms Brown creates simple and considered home and body products to give the level of care and attention to clothes that only truly passionate textile lovers would, such as us at JOYCE!

Olfactory is said to ignite emotional dimensions through thoughtful fragrances. JOYCE Beauty celebrates those who push our olfactory senses to its heights. Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle is
determined to transform the way people view perfumers. He publishes perfumes under the perfumers’ names and establishes their status as artists, while Maison Francis Kurkdjian is consistently cultivating new desirable emotions through his versatile fragrance notes.

At its second season with the JOYCE Beauty family, IIUVO continues to make its mark with its playfulness, producing fragrances that shock our visual and olfactory senses.

We look forward to a season exploring the inner depths of beauty with you, from the inside and out.