Century-old Royal French Candle House Cire Trudon turns a new page in contemporary perfume with itslatest collection

10 Jul 2018

  • “Acclaimed for its scented candles, Cire Trudon stretches its savour-faire to the art of perfume, unveiling a series of genderless fragrances. While the latest perfume collection is intrinsically rooted in the maison’s heritage, it has also been reinterpreted with a contemporary approach, encapsulating valuable themes like history, royalty and revolution in a rather subversive way.”

    Julien Pruvost, Creative Director of Cire Trudon

    Cire Trudon invited perfumers to Paris, first blindfolding them and then taking them to the charming Musée de la Chass et la Nature. This museum, originally built in the 18th century as a private mansion, is now dedicated to outdoor activities and hunting, showcasing a variety of artworks and actual taxidermied specimens. Each room in the museum houses a wooden display case with different animals, with the footprint of each animal imprinted on bronze along with a description of its natural habitat, as well as poems extolling these magnificent creatures. There is even a room dedicated to unicorns. Accompanying the perfumers was a hypnotist, who put the perfumers into a hypnotic trance and then described the scent, sounds and the setting of the museum, sending the perfumers back in time to experience the energy of these wild animals and of nature. When the perfumers returned to an ordinary conscious state, they found themselves in the middle of this charming museum. Later, this one-of-a-kind experience is what brought the Trudon perfume collection to fruition.

    (from left to right) Lyn Harris, Antoine Lie and Yann Vasnier

    Trudon perfume collection

    Three highly praised perfumers—Lyn Harris, Antoine Lie and Yann Vasnier— have infused the collection with rich historical notes that remain meaningful today. Five perfumes, neither feminine nor masculine, each of which contains an olfactory complexity that is uniquely its own.


    EDP 100ml

    A fragrance as prominent as a ray of sunshine in the darkest night. On a cold night, a horsewoman draws inner strength from the elements that surround her: the moonlight and the forest. Bruma contains an almost animal-like sensuality, a distinguished aroma with a sense of wildness.

    Head: black pepper, lavender, galbanum

    Heart: violet, purple peony, iris, Arabian jasmine

    Base: labdanum, Haitian vetiver, Tonka bean


    EDP 100ml

    An enlightened key that leaves an intimate mark on the skin, Olim represents the vanity and emotion of the extravagant royal era. Powdery notes hint at a sense of tenderness; spices and resins evoke the decadence and opulence of the aristocratic court. Olim is full of history, constructed from cold notes reinterpreted in a modern way, leaving a pure and lasting impression.

    Head: bergamot, lavender, anise

    Heart: pink peppercorn, clove

    Base: patchouli, benzoin, myrrh, musk


    EDP 100ml

    This perfume is a perfect embodiment of energy and vitality. Its vibrant greenery resembles a forest painting—pines, juniper and cedar covered in moss and berries resting on damp soil. These earthy notes contrast with spicy bitter orange, breathing life into this sensual aroma.

    Head: green leaves, bitter orange

    Heart: pine, pepper, juniper

    Base: cedar, incense, ambroxan, cashmeran


    EDP 100ml

    A wisp of smoke that recites a timeless tale. The fragrance builds upon human emotions over the course of the day, blending like a second skin, leaving a trace of mysterious and bewitching scent. The perfumers have taken their inspiration from the streets of Paris during the French Revolution, capturing an intense moment in history and bringing it back to life.

    Head: elemi

    Heart: angelique

    Base: cedar, papyrus, patchouli, cade, incense, pure cistus, opoponax


    EDP 100ml

    Mortel orchestrates a perfect harmony between Somalian frankincense, myrrh and benzoin, unveiling the exotic spell of pure cistus. The inspiration for the scent is an artist, living between shadow and light, struggling between the religious and the revolutionary, with an unquenched thirst for eternity. Mortel combines virile force and natural harmonies, creating a mysterious, deep and spicy fragrance.

    Head: black pepper, pimento, nutmeg

    Heart: Somalian frankincense, mystikal, Virginian cedar

    Base: pure cistus, myrrh, benzoin

    About Cire Trudon

    Cire Turdon is the oldest candle manufacturer in the world. Founded in Paris in 1643, Cire Turdon was the offical candlemaker for both the French royal court and Church. Continuing its 400 years of ancient techniques and traditions, Cire Turdon remains active today, producing its candles in its Normandy factory that are without exception all handmade. Every scented candle by Cire Turdon is a symbol of elegance and privilege.