Breathing new life into your scent

19 Jul 2013

If the spirit of life was bottled into a single scent that encapsulates its power and beauty, it would be Aqua Vitae – Francis Kurkdjian’s stunning new olfactory masterpiece. The renowned French perfumer named his latest creation after the phrase “the water of life” – two interdependent elements that the exquisite fragrance pays perfect tribute to.

Soon to be available in Hong Kong exclusively at JOYCE BEAUTY, Aqua Vitae’s arrival in the city will be celebrated by a majestic window display that replicates Aqua Vitae’s heart: a drop of water captured in motion. The larger-than-life installation crafted from electroplated metal will appear in selected JOYCE BEAUTY storefronts throughout the second half of July, including the Central flagship. The elegant impression of time frozen echoes the memory that inspired Francis Kurkdjian to create Aqua Vitae.
“It was one afternoon on Formentera, in the Balearic Islands, that the idea of Aqua Vitae came to me,” said Francis Kurkdjian. “I was riding an old motorbike, taking it slowly in view of the extreme heat, and the air on my face was deliciously cool. The sun intensified the fragrances of the nature around me.”

As he stood there, his senses overjoyed, Francis fantasised how the warm, earthy aromas might blend with the restorative coolness of life’s most vital element – water. Taking the concept from imagination to reality, the result was Aqua Vitae.

“Aqua Vitae is inspired by life,” said Francis. “That irresistible attraction shared by billions of people like the shiver of pleasure on the back of the neck. When life is quite simply beautiful; an extremely sensitive sensuality enveloped with an uncontained freshness.”

Aqua Vitae’s architecture is as delicate as it is powerful, just like the natural world’s ingredients that inspired it. Crisp and spicy, the scent infuses the healing properties of guaiac wood with the vibrancy of hedoine, while lemon from Calabria, mandarin from Sicily, tonka bean from Brazil and notes of seductive vanilla round out its richness.

“Aqua Vitae is fresh, despite the heat of its spicy top note,” said Francis. “Its vanilla caresses where the Calabrese lemon dances and the Sicilian mandarin plays. Aqua Vitae is a perfume of contrasts, like a shimmering light on golden skin.”

A true trendsetter in the fragrance realm who has designed some of the most iconic perfumes for the likes of Dior, Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Versace and Jean Paul Gaultier, Aqua Vitae has proven to be one of Francis’s most innovative creations yet. “I see pale gold being the new black,” said Francis. “Aqua Vitae fits perfectly this trend of light, as it’s a bright and very open fragrance with a great trail and long lastingness. I also see a big return on woody scents on the horizon, but for the Hong Kong market, freshness is key, so this is why I strongly believe in Aqua Vitae.”

For those who crave to wear their treasured scents from top to toe, Aqua Vitae will be adapted into a scented body cream this autumn, alongside Francis’ other creations Lumière Noire, Amyris, and APOM Pour Femme. The first perfume he designed for his personal collection, Aqua Universalis, is also set to be released as a purse spray early next year, followed by the remainder of his celebrated line-up, including Aqua Vitae.

Meanwhile, Francis Kurkdjian will travel to Hong Kong this July to witness Aqua Vitae brought to life in the city, as JOYCE BEAUTY unveils its striking Aqua Vitae window displays across selected stores from 16 to 28 July.

“I was very intrigued at first about the special installation when I saw the layout,” said Francis. “It's very elegant, slick and simple, and timeless. I like it very much from Paris, I am eager to see it live when I am in Hong Kong.”

To sample Francis Kurkdjian’s breathtaking portrait of the scent of life this summer, head to JOYCE BEAUTY to experience Aqua Vitae.