Beauty in Bloom: Restoring Youthful Appearance

26 Apr 2017

With the hectic lifestyles and increased workloads, modern women suffer from lack of sleep, which can affect skin health and speed up its ageing process. Pick the right anti-ageing skincare, stimulating collagen production to restore a youthful glow this season.

Beauty Editor's Picks:


Skin Perfecting Serum | HK$750 / 30ml

Brightening Eye Cream | HK$520 / 15ml

This revolutionary series from Dr Nicholas Perricone is about pre-empting the first signs of ageing and preserving youthful skin. Targeted at millennials desiring prevention over repair, its NRF2 Antioxidant Support Complex™ activates antioxidant pathways to reduce the root cause of fine lines and wrinkles.

Subtle Energies - Facial Blend

HK$1,490 / 30ml

This authentic Ayurveda blend borrows the benefits of the exquisite essential oils mogra, sandalwood and Indian rose, the base oil of jojoba, and the fortifying oil ashwagandha. Perfect as a moisturiser, treatment or serum, the velvety and deliciously scented oil gives skin a youthful glow while revitalising, hydrating and firming.

Eve Lom - Time Retreat: Face Treatment

HK$900 / 50ml

A revitalising face retreat, this deliciously nutritious treatment firms and rejuvenates as it strengthens and protects. Encapsulated retinol reverses damage and acts as a powerful skin shield, while energising micro algae boosts cell turnover for a gorgeous glow. Vitamin B3 and an intense moisturising complex hydrate and resist environmental ageing