Beauty in Bloom: Reconnecting with Nature

13 Apr 2017

Greenery reminds us to take a moment and breathe in the beauty of nature. Discover more beauty products with natural and organic ingredients for your modern lifestyle.

Beauty Editor's Picks:

Perricone MD - PRE:EMPT SERIES™ Daily Foaming Cleanser

HK$310 / 150ml

This revolutionary series from Dr Nicholas Perricone is about pre-empting the first signs of ageing and preserving youthful skin. Targeted at millennials desiring prevention over repair, its NRF2 Antioxidant Support Complex™ activates antioxidant pathways to reduce the root cause of fine lines and wrinkles.

Perricone MD - Digestion Booster

HK$470 / 60 Capsules [30 days]

This digestion-boosting supplement from the world’s healthy living specialists reduces bloating for a flatter, happier stomach. Its enzymes break down gluten and milk proteins, and restore digestive balance for optimal nutrient absorption. Liquorice extract and a stable probiotic join the mix for a thriving, toned tummy.

Subtle Energies - Sooth & Enrich Exfoliating Milk

HK$630 / 50ml

Soothe & Enrich is a treatment ritual created to protect the skin from environmental pollutants. This dual-action milk cleanser softly exfoliates dead skin with jojoba beads while gently hydrating. The ancient skin foods of neem, coriander seed, and rhu khus are infused to leave the face feeling baby soft and enriched.

LEBON - Tropical Crush: Pineapple Rooibois Mint Toothpaste

HK$110 / 75ml | HK$75 / 25ml

Adding an element of tropical glamour to tooth brushing, Tropical Crush takes juicy pineapple, adds fresh rooibos and sweet Moroccan mint, and shakes it into a deliciously summery cocktail. Like a beach vacation in a tube, the yellow-and-gold packaging ups the glamour ante further, leaving breath fresh and fruity.