A Fragrance Trilogy ● Chapter Two: Aromatic clues that decode scented memories – Part III

21 Feb 2018

Is there a scent buried deep in your mind? Certain smells sublimate into treasured engrams: whenever we come across that scent again, it will take us down memory lane, awakening every detail of our dormant reminiscences, as if we were living it all over again…Every scent is unique, carrying specific feelings and stories for each and every one of us, just like memory itself. The same smell can provoke different emotions in us. Of whom would woody scents remind you?



Amyris is a sweet-smelling tree that contains an unctuous orange-yellow resin that has a gentle and slightly powdery fragrance, while the Florentine iris contains rhizome, a rare raw material. It takes only one tiny drop of rhizome to turn a pleasant fragrance sublime. The flame of love unites these two fragrant hearts in Amyris femme, as emerging notes stemming from the Jamaican amyris tree lead into a beating heart of Florentine Iris as the enduring fragrance, with hints of lemon flower, orange from California, amyris from Jamaica, iris from Florence, vetiver and musky amber. Amyris homme consists of refreshing woody tones like rosemary from Morocco, mandarin from Sicily, amyris from Jamaica, iris from Florence and tonka bean absolute from Brazil. It expresses the fire of the setting sun, a delightful and warming fragrance.


Baccarat Rouge 540 was born from the encounter between Maison Francis Kurkdjian and Maison Baccarat. A luminous and intense eau de parfum, its heart of rich jasmine, luminous saffron and delicate amber, along with cedar wood as fresh as if newly cut, create a perfect melange of woody floral tones, celebrating the 250th anniversary of the famous crystal house.



Inspired by the soft velvety texture and ultra-smooth sensuality of a rose petal, this alluring rose and sandalwood fragrance is the very definition of sultry luxury. With heady notes of Turkish rose absolute, cardamom, plum and oud, Velvet Santal has a uniquely sexy, satiny, spicy composition that will have you hoping the night will never end.


What does the scent of a crackling fireplace remind you of? For the creator of Imperial Oudh, the answer was definitely a gentleman’s private library: the exotic woods, the smoky smell of burning timber, rows of leather-bound books, a worn Chesterfield sofa and a hint of pipe tobacco in the air…this scented candle consists of violet, tobacco leaf, Moroccan rose absolute, agarwood, labdanum, amber and leather, and in the midst of all this masculinity, a sumptuous bouquet of delicate roses, balancing it out with just the right touch of femininity.