SA.AL&CO from Austria: Redefining Masculine Skincare Rules

29 Nov 2016

Founded by Istvan Laszloffy in 2015, SA.AL&CO epitomizes the next generation skincare for conscious men. Featuring a premium product line covering five essential products for face and body, the daily routine of SA.AL&CO is performance-driven with a masculine aesthetic. Produced in Austria, the products are made in small batch sizes to guarantee freshness and high quality.

About the Design & Packaging

To set a masculine tone, brushed aluminum is chosen for the packaging. Its rugged, sturdy and functional outlook gives a strong visual and textural appeal. Matched with hard and ribbed plastic caps and dispensers, the products are truly user-friendly. Personalization is allowed for the tubes and bottles with space for handwritten inscriptions, such as your name. While sustainability is at the core of SA.AL&CO, all packing materials are completely recyclable.

A dedication to details is demonstrated in the choice of typeface for SA.AL&CO, Italian Plate No. 1. Inspired by a study of Italian car number plates from the 60’s, this handsome typeface balances elegance with playfulness gracefully. In managing the fine art of ‘sprezzatura’, a genuine brand identity is built up.

About the Products​

​Formulating with premier natural ingredients and crisp, alpine water from the Austrian Alps, the products are potent but not aggressive. A consistent use of essential oils imparts a subtle and refreshing scent for these vegan and GMO free products.

011 Hair & Body Wash

Body and hair benefit from the cleansing and revitalizing function of this multi-purpose formulation. A combination of mild sugar tensides and activating agents, together with Macadamia nut oil, birch sap and wheat proteins help rejuvenate the skin and preserve moisture level.

021 Shaving Crème

​Shaving is easy and effortless. Natural coco sugar tensides soften facial hairs while a rich consistency and viscosity of the crème optimize a lubricating effect during shaving. Aloe vera, macadamia nut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter soothe and rejuvenate skin after shaving.

031 Light Moisturizer & After Shave Balm

​Offering a light yet outstanding rehydration after shaving, Light Moisturizer & After Shave Balm moisturizes and soothes micro-wounds left by a close wet shave. Thanks to a combination of aloe vera, shea butter, cocoa butter, macadamia oil and birch sap.

041 Intense Moisturizer

​Intense Moisturizer offers same ingredient line-up in a rich and potent concoction for very dry skin with additional nutrients from aloe vera, shea butter, cocoa butter and sunflower oil.

051 Deodorant

​Selected for its antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, witch hazel, sage and lavender work together to make this deodorant a mild, potent and reliable choice.

The Founder – Istvan Laszloffy

The mastermind behind SA.AL&CO is Istvan Laszloffy, an avid entrepreneur who embraces a dream of creating something meaningful, lasting and beautiful for sophisticated men. Born with a gregarious and adventurous spirit, his seasoned investment banking background paves his way for a truly unique and market-driven establishment. Soon after he identified a market segment for men who share a similar mindset and aesthetic sense, a bespoke men’s skincare line, SA.AL&CO is born.