Village des Createurs 7th Edition

14 Feb 2017

The 7th exhibition of the Village des Createurs at JOYCE Gallery will bring together all the dynamics and energies of Lyon’s creation and its region. A space of inuty, a land of contrasts, the meeting point between the perpetual movement, the desert of Arizona, will be the landscape of the new staging that will honor a mosaic of personalities, sensitivities and expressions.

Creations singular revealing creativity, know-how, artisanal heritage, innovation or simply in the air of time: between fashion, object design and decoration, creators and designers free themselves from any stereotype, to seek in their sources of inspirations, only sense and balance.

Marie Antoilette

Valerie Moenne, designer of Marie Antoilette, formerly worked in the spectacle and the animated movie industry. She decided after discovering the thermal printing technique, to create in 2011 her brand of tights and fashion accessories. Marie Antoilette creates graphic tights collections with creative and sophisticated drawings.

Sandrine Charles-Messance

Sandrine Charles-Messance creates contemporary jewellery made of bronze and Murano glass and inspired by nature and design. A beautiful research of equilibrium and the desire to invite women into a cosmopolitan universe.

Ser Creation

The Ser man is looking for modernity and for avant-gardism. He loves to be fashionable and to discover different walks of life. The brand use of noble fabrics and the refinement of the finishes ensure a genuine look.

Un Lyon en boite

Designed and made in the Auvergne Rhone-Alpes region, this line offers fashion gifts, design and life style goods that subtly refer to Lyon, city of talents and creativity.

Unique en Serie

Unique en Serie is a textile creative laboratory specialized in silkscreen printing. This laboratory produces contemporary items and textile accessories with a strong, graphic and colorful identity. The brands showcases at JOYCE Paris its latest collection called Cactus.

Very Chic Wine

After an experience as a fashion creator, Stephanie Dumont decided to take on a new challenge: to put her passion for wine. Her new venture Very Chic Wine offers chic and practical silicone stoppers in order to preserve all the flavors of the wine.

Dessine-moi un soulier

Launched in 2011 by Juliette Parcevaux, Dessine moi un soulier offers to women the opportunity to create the shoes of their dreams by choosing the form, the color, the height of the heel. according to their moods and desires. From typical models (boots, ballerinas, pumps, low boots...), women can create the ideal pair of shoes among more than 10 000 000 possible combinations.

Esquisse Lingerie

Esquisse Paris is the new made in France Parisian lingerie brand. Each pattern and picture is made exclusively for the brand and are printed on minimalist shapes: lasercut panty and soft bra. The luxurious and technical fabric is certified Oeko-TexR Standard 100 (no health risk).

Fille de Joie

The concept of Benedicte Kaluvangimoko brand Fille de Joie is to revisit the streetwear style, which is usually more associated to masculinity, by offering original pieces for women. The leitmotif of her collections is the transparency that she uses for a subtly measured sexy touch.

FST Handwear

The two designers of FST Handwear, Benjamin Cuier and Philippe Largueze, give a big crackdown to the traditional universe of the glove-making and imagine the glove as a new material for artistic expression. FST brand emphasizes cratmanship and creativity with its bold colors and prints.


The masterminds behind L,L. Marion and Violette, have studied fashion, design, law, and political science. Their interest in clothing is tied into their vision of fashion: a style that is gender free, based primarily on the personality on the person wearing the clothes.

La Chambre Blanche

Julie Boyer discovered the wedding industry after several trainings alongside fashion and jewelry designers. There she found, the elegance of noble materials and the craftsmanship in the ateliers using materials such as silk muslin, organza, glass and cristal pearls. Julie developed an interest in the collection of vintage lace fabric to incorporate in its designs.

Laure Parisot

Created in 2016 by Laura Parisot, the designer proposes singular jewellery collections confronting the traditional craftsmanship to the new technologies. Fascinated by the kitsch and the baroque, she preserves a real signature by producing limited editions or exceptional unique pieces.

Le Feuillet

In 2014, the two brothers Ylan and Davy Dahan decide to put all their energy and their enthusiasm into the creation of an avant-gardist brand that would transcribe the singular vison they have about leather goods. Filled with design codes and inspired by architecture, Le Feuillet leather goods stand out with its interaction between the modern man and the goods.

JOYCE GALLERY PARIS: From February 2nd to February 11th