Unique &pic

08 Sep 2016

Unique &pic is a love story between succulents and cacti and beautiful design.

Unique &pic has been developed by Audrey Janssens, Artistic Director based in Paris.

‘It is about mixing my love for plants with my wish to expose the incredible skills of creators and artisans. More than a unique & epic adventure, it is an opportunity to create together and express ourselves.’ says Audrey Janssens

Each plant will be sublimated by custom designed ceramics, created by first-class artisans and craftsmen. It will be the perfect balance between the object and the vegetal that will beautifully blossom with love and care.

The first collection is the result of a very special collaboration between Emile Degorce-Dumas (ceramicist) and Marion Bordeyne (illustrator).

JOYCE GALLERY PARIS: From September 1st to September 10th