This is not Clothing by James Sutton

21 Jun 2017

The exhibition at Joyce Gallery Paris is a reflection on previous and current collections and artwork of This Is Not Clothing by James Sutton.

James Sutton’s work explores classical aesthetics and technological advancement. The work juxtaposes contemporary culture and historic ideology, utilising modern image making practices and technology to highlight changes and similarities in today’s society.

James has created new artwork installed as a site specific trompe-l’oeil, featuring a selection of his original artwork from past collections of This Is Not Clothing. The technique of trompe-l’oeil can be dated back to ancient Greek times, specifically in the Roman town of Pompeii where realistic windows and doors were painted on walls, giving the illusion of interior depth. James Sutton’s trompe-l’oeils include pillared walls with larger-than-life sculptures, columns that depict a Greek inspired riot frieze and a group of classical style Telamon/atlas figures supporting the building architecture.

The center plinths feature an augmented reality digital sculpture which can be unlocked when using the free ‘This Is Not Clothing’ app. The digital sculpture can be explored in virtual reality and is from the ‘MAN + MACH1N3’ series of artworks, exploring our relationship and dependence on machines and technology.

The exhibition also includes James Sutton’s marble sculptures ‘David & Goliath’, ‘Theseus & The Minotaur’ and ‘The Kiss’. Jam’s sculptures are created using 3D scanning technology, allowing the replication of human form as three-dimensional digital files, combining traditional aesthetics with modern practices. The data is 3d printed and cast in Italian Carrara Marble, as homage to the master artists who used the same materials.

The installation and pop-up shop conveys the concept and universe of This Is Not Clothing by Jam Sutton, fusing art, fashion and technology.

JOYCE GALLERY PARIS: From June 20th to July 2nd