26 Jan 2018

The Personal Dressing Project is a concept developed by Joyce Gallery Paris in which fashion talents and icons are invited to showcase their own world and universe.

The first guest is Olivier Saillard, former director of fashion museum Musee Galliera and well-known for fashion performances with Academy-Award winner Tilda Swinton.

Thrown on chairs, jackets and trousers from Olivier’s dressing, are telling a story of the man who owns them. The exhibition from a fashion curator, recognised for his outstanding Alaia exhibition in 2013, presents, an ordinary fashion, a fashion that wouldn’t excite the traditional industry. It is without veneer that the used and damaged shirts tell the daily life of Olivier. The installation features trousers, too short or too long that never really fitted, vintage ties from the 60’s with faded colours and up to the knee long black socks because Veronique Nichanian, men’s designer at Hermes once said to him that is was the only chic way to wear them. Every single item expresses the psyche of Olivier.

In addition to the clothes installation, the gallery showcases napkins and tissues with marks of red lipstick kisses that Olivier started collecting months ago. In contract to a ‘personal dressing’ that is relatively banal, those intimate hieroglyphs admit the desire of the man to seduce.

"As a double weary of myself, tired to wait for me or to support me, my dressing room takes a vacation and is exhibited at the Joyce Gallery in Paris, from January 15th to 29th, 2018. The jackets and pants are stranded. Shirts are abandoned in the comfort of red kisses left on stolen papers, built up in a collection and for the first time showcased in Paris ... Who wants to drop me a kiss is more than welcome to come ... " Olivier Saillard