Or du Champ by Irina Rasquinet

24 Nov 2016

Passionate about art and fashion, Irina Rasquinet has a very special way of combining different elements into strong and fantastic works.

Thanks to a Russian heritage, she keeps strong feelings for colours, which one recalls of the traditional Matrioshkas and Fabergé eggs. Her works also offer a very straightforward and easy approach but, there is nonetheless an underlying message behind her creativity. Irina sculpts, paints, assembles with a rebellious spirit and caustic poetry.

Her exhibition can be considered as a dream world. Accumulations of moving forms and playful materials recall the world of childhood, where art becomes a game. Caged balloons, bubbles full of happiness ready to blow, colour pencils size XXL, spooky gamer robots ... In this installation, the colour gold is everywhere, as a reference to the icons and churches of Russia.

JOYCE GALLERY PARIS: From November 8th to November 19th