27 Nov 2017

For its second collaboration with Molin Corvo gallery, JOYCE Gallery is proud to showcase 6 artists representing

The majestic nature, its power and infinite source of inspiration, its being, today, a mirror for the insight into things. Landscapes scenography, some details and accidental scenes originated by mankind, neon lights blending in sculptures and video reproductions of endless moments.

Thus gazing at nature, using it as an object and a subject, reinterpreting it, a concept linked to only one word and theme unveiling in this exhibition with the vision, the imagination, the interpretation, the artistic effort of the works presented here.


In the series, The enchanted forest, the artist transfigures her emotions into nature images.

Bruna’s art, including portraits and landscapes, transcends genres and alternates pictorial sensibility to the immediacy of reportage, preserving the integrity of the subject photographed. Her vision is developed on Stories Telling of reality, propulsive element of investigation and research, captured in deeply emotional images.


Emanuele Ravagnani uses a mix of techniques, ranging from painting to material assembly and collage, from oil-based paints to natural pigments, objects recovering, photographs, to redefine the space-time dimension by relocating the objects themselves.

For this series, Emanuele chooses details of his works on which he photographs and repaints his image.


In the work CUBO DI GABO - M3.N, Gabriele Dal Dosso approaches and matches two natural materials such as wood and Vesuvius volcanic stone with glass (neon) to concretize a new chapter of the CUBO DI GABO series.


In interactive monitoring - antic edition, the artist refers to a key date in human history.

In 332BC Alexander the Great conquered the river Nile and settled the city of Alexandria.

The great construction of the city prefigured the cultural uniformisation that occurred all around the Mediterranean sea and transformed the cities, which are all built in the same way.

In the installation, a CCTV display is connected to a big black and unshaped structure from which the sound of a fountain can be heard. Several simple push buttons allow one to enjoy and go between several live views of a hidden ancient city. An artificial solar light mimics the sun cycle and spreads its rays on the thin cardboard walls.


Law's interest in storytelling and capturing ephemeral moments is a fundamental aspect in her work as a visual artist and image maker. Blending photography and paint to highlight an instance or a mood that too easily slips away, she imbues her work with a deeply-felt sentiment to move and inspire those who see it to construct their own personal context to the visual narrative.


Silvia Coccaglio’s photography is an integral part of her everyday life, it portrays and treats her moods, still on the other side of the lens she tirelessly carries with her.

Silvia Coccaglio’s photographic series have the common denominator of a moment, the instant when something catches her attention, a situation or an object

JOYCE GALLERY PARIS: From November 8th to November 18th