Le Diner du Loup

02 Dec 2016

This Christmas, JOYCE Paris ventures Into The Wild with Red Riding Hood. For the duration of the festive season, JOYCE Gallery showcases an exclusive offering from Irina Rasquinet, Catherine Osti, Meesha, We Two, Da Rosa, Maison Pourchet, Anne Grand-Clément, Eve & Daphnée, Unique & Pic, Océane Meriaux and Camille Ortali

Irina Rasquinet

Passionate about art and fashion, Irina Rasquinet has a very special way of combining different elements into strong and fantastic works.

Thanks to a Russian heritage, she keeps strong feelings for colours, which one recalls of the traditional Matrioshkas and Fabergé eggs. Her works also offer a very straightforward and easy approach but, there is nonetheless an underlying message behind her creativity.

Catherine Osti

The luxury accessories house Catherine Osti is founded on two core principles. The first is a belief in the collaborative excellence of bringing together the savoir-faire of different Métiers d'Art to create something superior to the sum of their parts. The second, is to offer all women the opportunity to experience first-hand the pleasure of wearing pieces created by the finest craftsmen working in the luxury arena today.


MEESHA, one name but three women at the controls...

Catherine and Magali are based in Paris. Each season, they revisit their memories, invent stories from personal pictures, and play with colours and prints.

Meesha, based in Delhi put their dreams into shape. She finds the right yarns, and prints all of their delusions.

We Two

We Two has been founded in 2016 by Carole Barlot and Nicolas Dal Sasso. The name of the brand is a nod to the album ‘We two are one’ by the legendary group Eurythmics. In triangular shape, the scarves are made with unique fabrics, vintage buttons, silk, wool and cashmere and cut, assembled and stitched by hand.

Da Rosa

José Da Rosa was privileged to be trained in the Art of Tea by the famous Tea Master Kitti Cha Sangmanee in 1986. For 5 years now, José Da Rosa has been working to create a collection of rare and precious teas and outstanding infusions, as the tea master he has become. Leaves and fragrances are rigorously selected, and infusion and preparation procedures and times specified. A new dimension and new rituals for Da Rosa and his followers.

Maison Pourchet

The French leather goods company Pourchet was founded in 1903. Based on its significant heritage and living DNA, Pourchet is now redefining its manufacturing codes with its superior expertise in leatherwork, together with its emblematic identity codes. For example, its logo – the head of the Belfort lion surmounted by three rings – has now regained all its original prominence in a new-look identity. And the famous "Madison" coated canvas with its embossed diamond pattern, initially created in the 1970s, has been re-edited, perpetuating the brand's three flagship colours – navy blue, red and green – in a dedicated line.

Anne Grand-Clément

Born in north of Africa in the 60’s, Anne Grand-Clément studied at the famous Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris in the 80’s and jet setted between France, Italy and Morroco in the 90’s while designing for Tod’s, Cacharel and Ursule Beaugeste, her own collection of luxurious bohemian bags.

Facing the craziness of fashion marketing and its endless demand for novelties, she decides in 2012 to focus on her passion for handmade design and starts to collaborate with Indian artisans, in an effort to value their crafts as well as to redefine simple sophistication.

Eve & Daphnée

Born out of extraordinary encounters Eve & Daphnée is a new fragrances house dedicated to create luxury natural fragrances promoting a sustainable and inspiring way of life.

While cherishing a process of "slow Creation" and poetry of handmade products it favours a bold creative approach, authentic and luxurious olfactory compositions.

Two years, under the creative direction of Muriel Folmard-Kahn for whom true luxury is only achieved by an eco-concerned and sustainable approach, were necessary to create the first perfume of the house: Tentation 1 Contre Lui.

Eve & Daphnée have entrusted the perfumer Delphine Thierry with giving shape to their creative intuition.

Unique & Pic

Unique &pic is a love story between succulents, cacti and beautiful design.

Unique &pic has been developed by Audrey Janssens, Artistic Director based in Paris:

‘It is about mixing my love for plants with my wish to expose the incredible skills of creators and artisans. More than a unique & epic adventure, it is an opportunity to create together and express ourselves.’

Each plant will be sublimated by custom designed ceramics, created by first-class artisans and craftsmen. It will be the perfect balance between the object and the vegetal that will beautifully blossom with love and care.

Océane Meriaux

Océane is a very young designer who recently won Esmod Roubaix prize.

JOYCE gallery Paris is proud to showcase for the first time her collection.

Camille Ortali

Camille Ortoli, born in 1987, works and lives in Paris. As she was a student in EPSAA, she participated in making a music video decoration with paper only. This experience encouraged her to follow this way. Since her graduation in 2012, she has always used this specific paper technique that makes her specialization.

With the help of her agent for 3 years, she has worked in partnership with Guerlain, Lancôme, Salvatore Ferragamo, Chaumet, L'Oréal Luxe, Cacharel, Philips, Air France, Martell Cognac, Anna Hu and others.

JOYCE GALLERY PARIS: From November 22nd to January 7th