From the Ground Up

14 Jun 2016

In collaboration with Molin Corvo gallery, JOYCE is proud to invite you at the group exhibition “FROM THE GROUND UP”. The exposition title aims to depict, through the diverse works of the ten artists presented, the global universe, the creative and artistic aesthetic enriching the gallery. All belonging to different universes, its artists express themselves in different forms and techniques, from sound to philosophy, from sculpture to painting, to photography.


First known as a radiophonic creator, boldly oscillating between fiction and documentary, Amandine Casadamont stepped aside, out of the domain of radio, to become sound artist, wielding the pen as well as the microphone and the mixer.

From her investigations were born unusual audio documentary, often described by critics as contemporary art pieces.


Born in 1974, his work is deeply inspired by the music, especially the punk and the new wave culture of the 80’s. His main focus is to create objects that can be easily read by people as reflection of their own reality. He uses plaster of different textures, artificial self-made resins, different kind of metal wires and nails, paper, varnish and acrylic paints.


Born in 1989, he uses a mix of techniques, ranging from painting and collage to B/W photography. His elective territory veers on graphics, with the production of big and medium size works on canvas, with lines defining utopian architectures hidden by a haze of color.


Gabriele "Gabo" Dal Dosso, born in Italy in 1978, applies the meditative practice to art, in a plastic research headed to the transformation of a philosophical idea in a tangible object. Thus was born the CUBO DI GABO series.


Isaac Cordal is a sculpture artist from Spain currently living in Bruxelles. His sculptures take the form of little people sculpted from concrete in 'real' situations. Cordal manages to capture a lot of emotion in his vignettes, in spite of their lack of detail or colour.


Through his work, K-NARF creates series of visual anachronisms that, in both its themes and processing techniques, documents, recycles and collects traces of his world, a world in perpetual mutation.


This series of collages by artist Lolo (Leonardo Fernandez Miyazaki, 1977) are based on portraits of opera singers, dancers and conductors who have performed at the Liceo Theatre in Barcelona between 1958 and 1962.


Max Blotas, student at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris, is a polyvalent artist, spreading his creative expression through sculpture, video, painting, drawing and digital art as well. At the exhibition will be featured three drawings, result of Max's study on the notion of space.


Blending photography and paint to highlight an instance or a mood that too easily slips away, Queenie Rosita Law imbues her work with a deeply-felt sentiment to move and inspire those who see it to construct their own personal context to the visual narrative.


Silvia Coccaglio's photographic series have the common denominator of a moment, the instant when something catches her attention, a situation or an object.

JOYCE PARIS GALLERY: From June 7th to June 18th