Fiction and Science

25 Oct 2016

Technology and fashion are without a doubt the most fragile and ephemeral disciplines; what is new today, will be forgotten tomorrow. For a long-time, fashion designers have known that they are working on ephemeral subjects that fade as soon as they come into existence.

The work of Canadian fashion designer Ying Gao combines the conceptual rigour of an art practice, a laboratory model of advanced technical research, and a critical dialogue with the discursive field of fashion. An avid attention to contemporary urban life - its cultural character and the transformations within it - is evident throughout her work. Gao’s garments are developed through such elements as computational systems, motors, sensors, pneumatic and interactive technologies and embedded electronics. Many of them respond to their immediate environment and to the presence of the spectator.

The intangible is central to Gao’s creative concept and to her fabricated work. Elements that cannot be touched or grasped are vital structuring components of her garments. In some instances, this immateriality is conveyed through a fabric so diaphanous as to be barely there, as if the primary material were air given visible form. Other insubstantial elements are also integral to her practice: a work can be activated by the sound of a voice, the stimulus of a gaze, a flash of light, bringing both concept and garment into definition.

JOYCE GALLERY PARIS: From October 1st to October 15th