14 Dec 2017

Following Hong Kong’s Christmas theme footsteps, JOYCE Gallery Paris is showcasing a group exhibition titled a Christmas Silence featuring read-to-wear, accessories, design items and homeware.

Catherine Osti

The luxury accessories house Catherine Osti is founded on two core principles. The first is a belief in the collaborative excellence of bringing together the savoir-faire of different Métiers d'Art to create something superior to the sum of their parts. The second, is to offer all women the opportunity to experience first-hand the pleasure of wearing pieces created by the finest craftsmen working in the luxury arena today.

The accessories are true sartorial bijoux. Crafted from luxury fabrics and embellishes with jewels, beadwork, lace and textile manipulation. The cuffs are a chic entry point into the stylish world of luxe dressing.

Flowery by Roberto Lo Noce

Flowery by Roberto Lonoce is a collection made of accessories, but not just that.

Created thinking about a fantastic nature, it includes a selection of imaginary flowers to be worn, perfect to adorn the skin, a jacket as well as a dress, but also as a completion, and a gift idea, for extraordinary and outstanding bunch of flowers.

A pure, delicate, æsthetic collection, a boundless journey between nature and fantasy. Objects created in a harmonious chromatic world thought for people who love.

Flowery by Roberto Lonoce is made of pins, necklaces, bracelets and ribbons, everything handmade by skillful Italian craftsmen.

Geraldine Gonzalez

Géraldine Gonzalez distinguishes herself by playing with the utility of an object, at times art piece, or unusual treasure. Transparent and ethereal materials reflecting or letting the light shine through have the place of honour such as paper, nacre, crystal, glitters

Her work is fuelled with baroque inspirations and creativity and each piece is unique

Her pieces capture light in such a way that they create an atmosphere of weightlessness in which objects and accessories settle at ease.


Gone's offers objects with a story: elegant, singular, colorful, clean lines of Scandinavian influence and so French by their technical nature. The brand asserts an eco-friendly design made of natural materials and in France.

Jerom Leger

After studies in architecture, Jerom went into art with a specialization in hematite beads, from which he creates sculptures and jewelry. JOYCE Gallery exhibits his latest collection called Noir.


Kronbali is specialized in interior decoration items and antiquities from Asia and Africa. One of the key items showcased in the exhibition are the Juju Hats from Cameroun.

The headdresses are made of natural or dyed chicken feathers as well as various wild bird feathers. The feathers are stitched onto a woven raffia support that can be folded or unfolded.

Traditionally the Juju hat, Bamiléké feather headdress or Tyn hat, is a headdress worn by the royal dancers of the Bamiléké tribes during important ceremonies held by the tribal chief.

La mome Bijou

The brand was founded 10 years ago by Isabelle Prat after over 20 years working at the most renowned fashion houses in Paris. In this new venture, Isabelle brings what she calls ‘LULU’ for luxe/ludique (luxury and fun in French) thanks to the use of luxury products and creative and exciting designs.

Marion Chapineau

The Atelier founded by Marion Chapineau experiments combinations of techniques, researches and develops textile design samples and prototypes, in a permanent dialogue with haute-couture and luxury ready-to-wear stylists.
According to Marion Chopineau : "Traditional embroidery techniques have been rediscovered and reworked in a contemporary way as well as combined with techniques that are not only fashion techniques (basketry, sculpture, netting, braiding, mosaic...) but also move towards volume and sculpt the body."

Maryse a Paris

Created in Grasse, in the purest French perfumery tradition, each fragrance is crafted with the greatest care and unfailing passion. The selection of fine materials, trials in the Maison workshops, the placing into bottles, wax jars and scented pearl sachets are some of the milestones in the creation of these unique fragrances. A measured process of fine-tuning takes place until the perfect note is found, the exceptional essence. Savoir-faire and exacting approach... collections that abound with charm and poetry, and combine elegance and well-being. Great classics are sometimes boldly revisited and previously unseen notes enhance the atmosphere of the home.

Nathalie Gagneux

With a passion for textile and decoration and driven by the concept of upcycling, Nathalie loves going to second hand stores where she would be able to find vintage textiles. She would then mix them with new textiles and create patchworks for pillows, chairs or throws.


The French leather goods company Pourchet was founded in 1903. Based on its significant heritage and living DNA, Pourchet is now redefining its manufacturing codes with its superior expertise in leatherwork, together with its emblematic identity codes. For example, its logo – the head of the Belfort lion surmounted by three rings – has now regained all its original prominence in a new-look identity. And the famous "Madison" coated canvas with its embossed diamond pattern, initially created in the 1970s, has been re-edited, perpetuating the brand's three flagship colours – navy blue, red and green – in a dedicated line.


ROVT is a creative, impertinent laboratory in which design, decoration, manufacturing are combined. Vincent Rousseau, the designer, loves to reveal the beauty of each object, by bringing it back to life or offering it a complete different use.

Shanshan Ruan

Born into a textile family in southern China, Shanshan Ruan came to France in 2007, to pursue studies in Fashion Design at ESMOD.
After polishing her skills in French haute-couture houses Alexis Mabille and Anne Valérie Hash, she had a brief experience in the quintessential multi-labels boutique L'Eclaireur.
With these eye-opening adventures she felt inspired, and designed her first collection In Motion. Here she used hand-painting for the first time, explored in a subtle and ethereal way.

Stephane Margolis

Growing up in the Provence town of Hyeres, Stephane Margolis was surrounded by the lush tropical horticulture native to the region.

Inspired, he went on to study Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging which emphasizes humanity’s close relationship with nature. Applying techniques of composition and attention to detail that he developed during this period of study, the artist began to create mixed-media vegetal sculptures that also incorporate his interest in the grotesque and playful elements of Surrealism and his dedication to contemporary environmental issues.

Very Chic Wine

Stéphanie Dumont, from Burgundy, is a passionate woman. After her experience as a fashion creator, she decides to take on a new challenge: to put her passion for wine. Then, thanks to her skills in design, she creates Very Chic Wine and today offers chic and practical silicone stoppers in order to preserve all the flavors of the wine. Very Chic Wine caps are hand-drawn by Stéphanie Dumont and printed in 3D. The designer favors Made in France, and local companies, to gain quality and

We Two

Created in 2016 by Carole Barlot and Nicolas Dal Sasso in reference to the iconic album by Eurythmics ‘We Two Are One’, the scarves are in triangular shape for both men and women. The designers use silk, wool, cashmere are the scarves are mad ein France.

JOYCE GALLERY PARIS: From November 23rd to January 10th